Stevenage 2016 “GYB Ode To Contesting”

Picture The Scene!

On a bright, crisp morn, just after dawn,
A Town in dear Hertfordshire, awoke with a yawn.
In the clear blue sky, came the curious sound,
As thousands of Bandsmen, descend all around.

Yes It’s Contest time, and Stevenage awakes,
To the third section rumble, in the Cambrian Stakes.
No we’re not talking horses or meat from a grill,
It’s just we’re all here, for the Contesting thrill.

As GYB pray for a nice early Draw,
Smiles all around, as we pull number 4.
Colin looks up, wipes the sleep from his eyes,
Beautiful Basses, well there’s a surprise.

Meeting up with great gusto, in our small cattle pen,
Safe in the knowledge, the first band’s on at 10
Time enough yet, reflecting what is to come,
Last minute nerves, sees the toilet for some.

Then the call comes, no more time for a jitter,
We enter the stage, in the Gordon Craig Theatre,
Colin raises his hands, which means this is it,
You can see from his eyes, he hopes it’s not squit.

With much great relief, we make a good start,
That puts behind us, a ghost from the past.
Untidy in places, as the piece moves along,
but overall plenty to like from this song.

The gentle movement nears, so far it is good,
We are happily seeing, the trees through the wood.
Don’t wake the baby, Colin’s fixed in our mind,
If anyone does, his axe he will grind.

A great sense of joy, as the baby stays ssh,
Here the last movement, our final great push.
We plough on with great purpose, our intent it is clear,
To finish the piece and go for a beer.

Safely to say, we got to the last,
No major mishaps, and quite a good blast.
Now it’s up to the judges, to see what they say,
The two in the box, will determine our day.

The day shot past, hearing band after band,
Then the judges appeared, with results in their hand.
We’re in total agreement, on all that we heard,
Although the notes we have written, may be a little absurd.

Judge 1: A good opening, both nice and secure,
Judge 2: A tad shaky, the dynamics, Not sure.
Judge 1: Flows well, could do with more risks,
Judge 2: Unsettled, but Safe Soloists.
Judge 1: Has nice detail, together with speed,
Judge 2: Untidy, sort the chaff from the seed.
In Final Conclusion: here’s our recollection,
you did yourselves proud, but enjoy the 4th Section.

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